10 Themes of Globalisation

10 Themes of Globalisation

Wittenborg has defined the following mission related focus areas: 
1.    Local Societal Impact contributing to society in Apeldoorn & the region through internationalisation
2.    Excellence in Education promoting excellence in teaching and learning of international business and management
3.    Innovation & Lifelong Learning creating the best environment for students and staff
4.    Internationalisation, Diversity and Ethics set the premises
5.    Applied Research & Global Learning: successfully applied, research-informed, global learning.

There are 4 critical success factors:
1.    Assuming the role of proponent of globalisation, locally, regionally and nationally;
2.    Cultivating Wittenborg’s position at the intersection of academia and practice;
3.    Interdisciplinary learning;
4.    To be driver of innovation in higher education: development of applied research in Globalisation;

As an overarching theme in alignment with its mission and vision, Wittenborg assumes the role of Proponent of Globalisation, with its focus pro-actively channelled into the themes of:

1. The Digital Revolution: How Technology is Shaping Global Interactions. 
2. Global Trade and Economics: The Changing Landscape of International Commerce. 
3. Cultural Exchange in a Globalised World: Impacts and Implications. 
4. Migration Patterns: Opportunities, Challenges and the Human Story. 
5. Environmental Challenges: Globalisation and the Quest for Sustainable Solutions. 
6. Global Governance and Policy: Seeking Unity Amidst Diversity. 
7. The Future of Work: Skillsets, Outsourcing and Cross-border Collaborations. 
8. Ethics and Globalisation: Navigating the Moral Dimensions of International Integration. 
9. Global Health and Pandemics: A Unified Response to Global Threats. 
10. Education in a Globalised Era: Preparing the Next Generation for a Boundary-less World.

Each of the 10 themes has additionally been allocated advisory ‘sub-themes’ that will assist faculty in guiding them through their choices for intellectual contributions that can be submitted annually for Wittenborg’s quality and impact ratings.