The Conference

The Globalisation Conference 2024 will be held in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences.

Conference Fee €363.- (per person / including vat) including 3x lunches & Wednesday & Thursday (Walking) Dinners 

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences:
Wittenborg is a dynamic, double-accredited business school, with its headquarters in Apeldoorn. Wittenborg was established in 1987. It is one of the few 100% English-speaking higher education institutes in the Netherlands and its 1500+ students and staff represent over 100 nationalities, making it the most international  business school in the Netherlands.

Wittenborg’s Mission & Vision
Wittenborg’s Vision is to be an internationally recognised university of applied sciences with an international, innovative approach to higher education, creating life-changing opportunities and to advance the development and dissemination of knowledge in partnerships with the (business) community. Wittenborg’s motto is ‘“Better Yourself, Better Our World”

Wittenborg’s Mission is contributing to society in Apeldoorn & the region by promoting excellence in teaching and learning of international business and management, as well as by creating the best environment for students and staff where internationalisation, diversity and ethics set the premises for successfully applied, research-informed, global learning.

As a University of Applied Sciences, Wittenborg sees as important an interdisciplinary approach to higher education, which is reflected in the cross-disciplinary broad management programmes that allow students to develop their knowledge, skills and development through applied research in a manner that is not subject constrictive.

Conference Experience in Apeldoorn:
The Annual Globalisation Conference provides a comprehensive platform for professionals in the Globalisation diverse sectors to foster knowledge sharing and build robust relationships. Attendees engage with industry experts, gaining insights into innovative strategies, emerging technologies, and current trends. Beyond the intellectual exchange, the conference uniquely integrates cultural immersion through experiences in Apeldoorn’s vibrant environment. The event not only enhances professional development but also enriches the overall experience with a blend of academic discourse and experiential learning.

Apeldoorn's Conference Environment:
Apeldoorn's conference environment goes beyond the academic realm, emphasizing networking opportunities, cultural immersion, and access to high-quality venues. The diverse academic landscape encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and provides enhanced learning opportunities through workshops, seminars, and lectures. The city's commitment to a green and sustainable environment and its international and multicultural atmosphere contribute to a unique conference experience. Attendees benefit from the city's superior infrastructure, efficient public transport, and safe environment, making the conference not just an educational event but a valuable and enriching experience for professionals in sectors working an international contexts and where globalisation is part the environment and overall dynamic.