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Maggie FengMaggie Feng
Conference Coordinator

Maggie Feng is a Member of the Board of the Wittenborg University Executive and, is CEO at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in Apeldoorn (Headquarter), the Netherlands. As CEO, Maggie Feng is responsible for Event, Public Relations, Campus Development, Communication, and Research Centre Management.
She is an allrounder in management and is proud to be business-like and practical-oriented with a focus on the long-term vision. Next to Apeldoorn, Wittenborg also has study locations in Amsterdam, Munich, and Bad Voslau (close to Vienna). Although small, with more than 1500 Bachelor and Master students in 2023, 5 times bigger compared to 2010. Wittenborg is now the most international business school in the Netherlands. Students and staff at Wittenborg are from over 100 different countries.
Originally from Beijing, Maggie grew up in the heart of the Chinese capital, coming to the Netherlands as an exchange student from the Beijing University of Technology back in 1999, to complete her fifth and final year as a Bachelor student at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Deventer. In 2001, Maggie gained a Master of Science in Facility Management from the University of Greenwich (UK), and in 2002 she joined the team of the then named ‘Hogeschool Wittenborg’ and successfully transferred this private education institute to what it is today. With the current development of Research Centre and undergoing AACSB accreditation, Maggie is determined to lead Wittenborg to become a top-ranking institute to contribute to Human Capital and Talent development.


Aydan HoltrigterAydan Holtrigter
Conference Coordinator Support

Aydan holds master’s degrees from Baku State University (Azerbaijan) in International Relations, and the University of Bergamo (Italy) in International Security Studies from which she graduated with honors. She also has an MBA degree with distinction from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences. She has spent almost five years of her career in the major events industry, which helped her develop some transferrable skills, such as communication, stakeholder management, as well as human management skills.
Aydan started her career as an intern at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Azerbaijan in the department of UNESCO, where she worked directly in the planning and delivery of the UNESCO conference in Baku in May 2011. She then worked as an event specialist in the Baku Old City Administration (UNESCO World Heritage Site). This role led to the venue management role for the biggest event ever held in Azerbaijan, the 2015 European Games. The Islamic Solidarity Games followed in 2016, where Aydan acted in the role of venue general manager. 
In her most recent role as Operational Readiness Consultant, Aydan was responsible for the planning and delivery of readiness activities, such as train-the-trainer, tabletops, and simulations to event organisers, such as the Dubai Expo 2020 and Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Committee. In January 2021, Aydan joined the Wittenborg team as EU Project Coordinator.


Rosita Sayyar

Rosita Sayyar
Conference Administrator

Rosita holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and a solid understanding of the data world, having also studied Data Science. With a rich background spanning over ten years in diverse industries, she has acquired invaluable experience in various roles. Rosita's journey began in Iran, where she served as a Public Relations Specialist and IT Director associate for prominent companies, showcasing her expertise in both technical and communicative domains.

In September 2023, Rosita embarked on a new chapter in her career by joining Wittenborg University as a Research and Conference Administrator staff member. This transition reflects her commitment to continuous learning and professional development. At Wittenborg, Rosita is currently pursuing her passion for digital marketing and communication, enriching her skill set and knowledge base in these fields.

With her unique blend of technical proficiency, communication prowess, and administrative acumen, Rosita is poised to make significant contributions to the university's research and conference initiatives. Her proactive approach and enthusiasm for learning embody the spirit of innovation and growth that defines Wittenborg's vibrant academic environment.


Amal Abi Orm

Amal Abi Orm
Conference Support

Amal holds a master's degree in business administration from the Modern University for Business & Science (Lebanon) and an MBA in Finance from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences.
Commencing her professional journey two decades ago in Lebanon as an Executive Assistant and Accountant, Amal has steadily advanced her career through roles in administration and accounting in both Lebanon and Kuwait. This trajectory has honed her organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills, along with a keen ability to meticulously sort, check, and verify numerical data.
In her most recent role as a EuroCHRIE Team Assistant intern at Wittenborg, Amal was responsible for orchestrating readiness activities, including program scheduling, and coordinating accommodation, transportation, and catering.
Demonstrating her commitment and expertise, Amal officially joined the Wittenborg team as a Financial Administrator in February 2023.